She Thinks Something Spooky In Her Home Is Impersonating Her Husband - illustrative purposes only

Three years ago, this woman and her husband moved into a new house. About six months after moving in, something spooky happened.

The house had a mostly open floor plan. You walked down the hallway to get to the front of the house, where you’d also find the kitchen and living room space. While standing in the kitchen, a wall blocked part of the living room from view.

One day, she was making dinner, and her dog was lying on the ground by her feet, anticipating food to drop on the ground.

Then, her husband walked through the hallway, turned the corner, and went into the living room. Her dog got up and went to greet her husband, and from the kitchen, she started telling her husband about some drama that was happening at work while she continued cooking.

“I was basically droning on for a bit with no response from my husband for several minutes. When I put the food into the oven to cook, I went to the living room, planning to sit down with him and wait,” she said.

“Except when I stepped around the wall, he wasn’t there. Our dog was on the couch alone. A second later, I heard the basement door.”

“It’s a NOISY door, so there’s no way he got up and went down while I was talking to ‘him.’ Also, it would have been impossible for me not to see him go since he would have had to walk back through the kitchen to go literally anywhere else in the house.”

Her husband walked into the living room, and she asked him if he’d been in the living room just a minute prior. – illustrative purposes only

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