She Told Her Best Friend That She Behaved Terribly On Their Vacation, And Now She No Longer Wants To Be Friends With Her

Now, on their vacation, she bent over backward to try to do anything in her power to make everything easier for her best friend.

She agreed to do everything that her best friend wanted; she went out to eat at places her best friend picked, and she even agreed to sit in the middle seats on their flights so her best friend would not have to be in close proximity to strangers.

No matter what she did, not a single thing seemed good enough for her best friend, who acted miserable for their whole vacation.

“After we got home, I took SIX DAYS to write a message to her to make sure I was gentle and concise,” she said.

“I commended her on how she has improved on these things over the years but stated that it really took away from the trip for me. I reassured her that I still wanted to be friends and travel together, but I was hopeful that she would work on being more flexible, positive, and appreciative of the people in her life.”

“She got extremely upset, told me the criticism was unfair, and I basically called her a mean, inflexible child (I was so careful to be kind and focus on behavior, not making it about her overall character) she didn’t want to travel together anymore, canceled on upcoming plans to see a concert, and has ghosted me since.”

Her best friend clearly wants to end their friendship over this, so she’s left wondering if it was rude of her to have said anything at all.

What do you think? Do you think it was right for her to call her best friend out, or should she have said nothing?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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