She Told Her Husband He Can’t Take Their Toddler Alone To His Remote Cottage On A Canadian Island, Since The Place Is A Disaster

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If you’re a parent, chances are you get a bit nervous when someone takes your child somewhere without you, especially when they’re still young.

One woman recently had to put her foot down after her husband told her he wanted to take their toddler to his remote cottage on a Canadian island.

She’s married and has a two-and-a-half-year-old son with her 41-year-old husband. While they live in America, her husband owns a cottage on a remote island in Canada that he really likes visiting.

However, she’s not a big fan of staying there, as it’s really tucked into the wilderness.

“On top of it being a four-and-a-half-hour flight away, it requires a three-hour drive and then a 30-minute ferry ride, as the cottage is located on an island that is only accessible by boat,” she explained.

“Last time we stayed at the cottage, there was no hot shower water for the entire five days. Before that, I was exposed to bats in the sleeping room and had to drive to New York to get vaccinated for rabies.”

It seems that every time she and her husband go to the cottage, something goes wrong. The power has gone out, the hot water hasn’t worked, she’s gotten food poisoning there, etc. She got to the point where she was so sick of the cabin and told her husband that she’d only be willing to stay for two to three nights the next time they went.

“This cottage means a lot to my husband, but it has always been a source of intense anxiety and discomfort for me,” she said.

“From the bugs to the bats to the lack of basic amenities, I just always get stressed and dread being there. Every single year, I dread it.”

jayyuan – illustrative purposes only

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