She Took A Selfie With Her Mom At Her Brother’s Wedding, Which Infuriated His Wife Since She Only Wanted Professional Photos Taken

SergAull - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When planning a wedding, some couples are very particular about the kind of photographer they want there. But have you ever been banned from taking your own photos while at a wedding?

One woman was recently scolded by her new sister-in-law after she took a picture at her brother’s wedding against her wishes.

Her brother is 22-years-old and recently married his 23-year-old girlfriend. They had a small, intimate wedding with only 10-15 guests. Her brother’s fiancée had a very specific and intense rule for everyone at the wedding.

She told everyone they weren’t allowed to take and post their own photos from the wedding because the only pictures she wanted anyone to see were ones taken and edited by a professional photographer. 

This rule even applied leading up to the wedding. On the day she was with her brother’s fiancée for her wedding dress fitting, she snapped a quick photo of her and immediately was yelled at. She deleted the picture to please her brother’s fiancée and figured that would be the end of the scolding.

When the wedding day rolled around, everyone was in high spirits. Every wedding party member looked great, and people were having fun. The only photos being taken were by the professional photographer that was hired. But then, things went south.

“After the ceremony, we’re all outside, kind of standing around, waiting for the photographer to take group photos of everybody and photos of the bride and groom,” she recalled.

“Well, while this was going on, I snuck a picture with just me and my mom.”

Although her sister-in-law wasn’t in the photo she took, she was furious with her for taking any photo at all. However, she wasn’t the only one who took a picture without the photographer. She also saw the bride’s sister taking pictures with her boyfriend. Unfortunately, she had to put up with all of the blame.

SergAull – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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