She Upset Her Neighbor After Refusing To Take Down Her Giant Skeleton That Has Been Scaring Her Young Son On His Walk Home From School

Atomazul - illustrative purposes only

Halloween season is right around the corner! People are already beginning to revisit their decoration collection and planning to get their front lawns good and spooky. 

However, sometimes, not everyone in your neighborhood approves of your decor.

One woman recently upset her neighbor after refusing to take down her giant skeleton that was scaring her young son on his walk home from school.

She recently moved to a new neighborhood in April and is a big fan of cute and quirky Halloween decorations. As soon as September 1st hit, she was excited to decorate her front lawn with her favorite decorations, including her new massive 12-foot skeleton she spent $300 on. 

“I was just too excited to wait,” she explained.

“People on my street all laughed about it, and the teens down the street came to take pictures with it. My next-door neighbor is going to make stuff to go with it.”

She feels her skeleton isn’t all too scary; it’s more funny and cute. But some people would beg to differ.

Unfortunately, her street is part of the route a bunch of young kids take as they walk home from school. One of those kids is a little boy who gets so scared of her skeleton that he cries when he sees it. 

Recently, the boy’s mom approached her and asked her to take down the skeleton for her son.

Atomazul – illustrative purposes only

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