She Upset Her Sister After Pointing Out That Her Son’s Crude, Uncorrected Behavior Is The Reason He’s Getting Bullied At School, And It’s Entirely Her Fault

Neville made more harsh comments about how science clubs are only for boys, and some people at the fundraiser started turning their heads to watch him go on this angry rant. Eventually, Bracken had to tell his brother to be quiet, and she and her husband stood there in shock.

On the drive home from the fundraiser, she and her husband couldn’t believe what Neville said and wondered where he had learned that kind of talk.

A few days later, she received a call from her sister, who was in distress.

“She was telling me about how horrible Neville’s first month of middle school was,” she recalled.

“She was telling me he was being targeted and bullied.”

Her sister was hysterical as she tried to get more details on what was happening, so she had Bracken get on the phone and tell her what he knew. Bracken told her that a lot of kids from school had seen or heard about Neville’s rant at the fundraiser and were teasing him for it. 

Additionally, when Bracken told his friends about his brother’s embarrassing incident, word spread even faster. Kids at school were calling Neville creepy and weird.

After learning more about Neville’s situation, her sister calmed down and got back on the phone, asking what she should do.

“I told her that this was on her and [it was] her fault for not correcting Neville’s behavior,” she added.

Her sister ignored her statements, even when she suggested discipline options for Neville. Instead, her sister was more focused on punishing Bracken for telling his friends about what Neville said. 

Realizing her sister wouldn’t budge or take accountability, she called her ridiculous and hung up. Since then, her sister won’t stop angrily texting her.

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