She Vanished From Her Home In The Middle of The Morning, And Her Husband Came Back From Work To Find Their Toddler Son Crying Alone In The Kitchen

Missouri State Highway Patrol - pictured above is Christene

In 1972, a father and son were left shocked when Christene Seal, a 22-year-old woman from Missouri, vanished from their home in the middle of the morning.

Christene Seal was happily living with her husband, Linn, and two-year-old son, David, in a trailer on a dairy farm in Verona, Missouri. She worked at a nearby salon and was a doting mother and wife who was very loved by her family.

While there was belief that Christene would never leave her son, her family was unprepared for what would happen on June 19th, 1972, the day she mysteriously went missing.

That morning, David left for work on the dairy farm around 8:00 a.m., noticing that Christene and David were still asleep. While he was gone, a mailman allegedly stopped by their home around 9:30 a.m. and saw young David behind the front screen door, alone and crying.

Around 15 minutes after the mailman’s visit, Linn stopped by the house to take a break from work. When he got home, he found David standing alone in the kitchen, crying, and Christene was nowhere to be found. After looking around the house, he noticed a pair of her pajamas and a light coat were missing.

Linn contacted Christene’s parents, Doyle and Trudy, to see if they had seen her that morning, and they said the last time they had seen her was the day before when Christene had visited them for Father’s Day.

Concerned, Linn then contacted the police to report Christene missing.

Local police quickly conducted searches, and there was hardly any evidence of what happened to Christene. When bloodhounds were brought to her and Linn’s property, they picked up a scent leading from the house to a spot in the yard. Police suspect a vehicle may have been present, but the trail went cold, and no other evidence was found.

Searching for Christene was especially difficult in 1972, as investigators didn’t have the same technology or knowledge they have now. Her case was reopened in 2019, but police still suspect Christene must have passed on.

Missouri State Highway Patrol – pictured above is Christene

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