She Wanted To Throw A Halloween Party At Her Apartment On The Same Day That Her Friend Is Throwing A Party, And He’s Not Thrilled With Her Compromise

New Africa - illustrative purposes only

This 30-year-old woman has a close-knit group of friends who live in the same city that she does.

They love gaming, they spend a ton of time chatting in Discord, and they also frequently meet up on the weekends to spend time together in real life.

For a while now, she’s been wanting to host a Halloween party at her apartment, and she picked out Saturday, October 28th, to have it.

She has talked about the party to some of her friends, but she has not yet officially sent out invites to anyone.

“Last night, my friend from the group – we’ll call him Luke (35M) – sent out an invitation to his own Halloween party on that same date,” she explained.

“I told him that I was planning to also host a party on that night. He messaged asking if I was joking, and I told him that I’d mentioned it to our mutual friend a month or so ago.”

“Luke told me that he’s been planning for a while as well and asked if I’d like to co-host at his place. He said that 80% of the guest list would be the same people, so it didn’t make sense to do two parties like that.”

She really loves decorating her apartment to celebrate Halloween, and she also adores playing hostess.

She would feel disappointed to not be able to do that. Additionally, she’s been planning this party for a long time, even though she has not officially sent out invites.

New Africa – illustrative purposes only

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