She Wants Her Roommate To Get Rid of Her Cat After He Badly Scratched Her In The Face

In horror, she realized that she had claw marks in three places on her mouth. Both the inside and outside of her mouth were bleeding. In all her life, a cat has never scratched her like this. She hadn’t been looking at the cat at the time, so he clearly did it out of nowhere when she wasn’t even near him.

She then rushed to the bathroom to put a compress on her mouth, and her roommate was deeply sorry and asked if she was alright. In response, she said she was okay but that she would like her roommate to bring the cat to her boyfriend’s place overnight since she needed time away from the cat for a bit.

While she understands that he’s a young kitten, she thinks it’s outrageous that he scratched her that badly. He could have permanently damaged her lip, and she is understandably worried that if the cat stays with them, he’ll injure her even worse later on down the road.

Now, she doesn’t want her friend to keep the cat any more.

Do you think she’d be wrong if she asked her friend to rehome the cat?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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