She Wants To Ask Her Sister To Stop Buying Her Niece The Same Toys That She Buys Her Daughter So That Her Own Daughter Can Have Something Special To Herself

skif - illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

When you grow up with a sibling or relative who’s very close in age to you, things can be competitive and petty at times.

One woman has been considering asking her sister to stop buying her niece the same toys she buys her daughter so that her daughter can have something special to herself.

She’s 31, and her sister is 34. They both have five-year-old daughters, and her niece is older by six months.

Although they’re cousins, her daughter and niece have very different personalities. Her niece is very demanding and has had a lot of things handed to her, while her daughter is more of a “go with the flow” type.

Her sister loves buying toys on sale for her niece, and since she sees it as saving money, she tends to buy a lot.

“We don’t buy as much,” she explained.

“When we do get toys for birthdays and Christmas, I try to find something really cool that my daughter will be really excited about. As my daughter loves her cousin, she is always excited to show her.”

Unfortunately, her niece never likes to be considered ‘second best,’ so whenever her daughter shows her a toy she doesn’t have, she convinces her mom to buy it for her.

It isn’t only her niece that does what she can to make sure she has everything her daughter has, as her sister does it too. For instance, one Easter, she used her sister’s Amazon account to order Easter gifts for her daughter to bring to their family’s Easter party. When her sister saw her ordering history, she got the same things for her niece.

skif – illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

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