She Wants To Cancel The Trip To Italy She Planned After How Ungrateful Her Husband And Brother-In-Law Acted On Their Last Vacation

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Being in a relationship where you have to make plans for everything, from date night to finances, is exhausting.

One woman planned a wonderful, three-week-long vacation to Italy for her, her husband, and her brother-in-law. But after the way her husband and his brother behaved on their last vacation, she’s considering canceling it.

She’s 31 and has been with her 33-year-old husband for seven years and married for three months. Throughout their entire relationship, she’s been the “planner,” the one who takes care of all the more serious matters like finances and appointments, while her husband is much more laid back.

They also travel a lot together, and she’s always the one who has to book everything. Anytime her husband tries to help, his plans fall through, and he can hardly accomplish anything.

“On our trips, I’ve asked my husband to help me with tasks ranging from helping me plan beforehand to finding an Uber,” she explained.

“Usually, he ignores me until it’s too late and I have to make the decision, or he makes mistakes. Mistakes aren’t a big deal, but he places the blame for them on me.”

Unfortunately, her husband isn’t the only one who doesn’t cooperate on their vacations. He has a twin brother he’s very close to, and his twin often joins them on vacation.

She’s struggled to get along with his twin, as he hardly contributes anything to their trips and is often rude towards her on top of it. She gets him gifts for holidays and birthdays and tries to treat him like a friend, but she gets nothing in return.

“We’re all on a flight back from Hawaii where I researched hotels and flights, put together a schedule, booked hikes and dinners, rented a car, etc.,” she said.

rudi1976 – illustrative purposes only

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