She Wants To Spill The Beans About Her Fiancé’s Affair To The Husband of His Mistress

Nicole - illustrative purposes only

Six months ago, this woman’s fiancé started having an emotional and physical affair with a woman he met at his gym.

Her fiancé, whom she has been with for 11 years, engaged in this affair for four months straight, and the woman stopped it for a month before starting the affair back up again not too long ago.

“I just found out about it this past weekend, so, naturally, I’m devastated,” she said.

When she and her fiancé talked about his cheating, he said that the woman stopped seeing him in June because her husband had grown suspicious of her behavior and hired a private investigator, who informed her husband of the affair.

“I don’t know to what extent he knows (I’m inclined to believe he doesn’t know it was physical, but I don’t know),” she explained.

According to her fiancé, the woman told him that she and her husband were going to put in effort to stay together, and they’d be attending couples’ therapy.

However, her fiancé left out a lot of crucial information.

As she learned the details of his cheating, she discovered that at the beginning of August, he and the woman started chatting again.

“They even saw each other again two weeks ago, but in a public place, so nothing illicit occurred,” she shared.

Nicole – illustrative purposes only

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