She Went On A Date To The Movies With A Guy Who Showed Up Completely Intoxicated

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Showing up wasted on a first date definitely isn’t the best move. It sabotages your shot at making a good impression and causes all hopes of landing a second date to go out the window.

TikToker Tiffany (@extiffany) is describing the time she went on a date to the movies with a guy who showed up completely intoxicated.

So, her previous conversations with this guy had gone pretty smoothly, and they seemed to click really well. Of course, the next course of action would be to go on a date.

He had gotten free movie tickets from his workplace, and they decided to meet at the movie theater at 6:30 for their date. When she showed up at about 6:35, he was nowhere to be seen.

She messaged him, asking where he was. He informed her that the car he ordered never showed up, so he didn’t have a ride to the movie theater.

She suggested that he order another one, but he disagreed. After a bit of back and forth, he told her to go into the movie first. However, he was the one who had the tickets, so she ended up having to buy another set of tickets.

He arrived at the theater about 45 minutes after the movie had started, smelling strongly of alcohol and lurching from side to side as he made his way over to where she was seated.

While they were watching the movie, he kept asking her if she was okay because she was being very distant, but she was just trying to focus on watching the film. He seemed to be unaware that there were other people around them and that he was ruining the experience for everyone.

When the movie ended, she looked over at him and saw that he was fast asleep. She touched his shoulder to wake him, but he did not respond. She had to physically shake him awake to tell him that the movie was over.

LoloStock – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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