She Went On A Date With A Guy She Had A Crush On In High School And Threw Up In Front of Him

Guindilla y Pimienta - illustrative purposes only

TikToker @slaynelys is talking about how she went on a date with the guy she had a crush on in high school nine years after graduating, and she threw up in front of him.

So, during high school, she was super into him, but he wasn’t interested in her. Fast forward a few years, and he ended up messaging her.

On his birthday, he came out to her city, and they celebrated with all their friends. The next time he visited, which was a week and a half later, he invited her on a date.

For their date, they had gone out for dinner and drinks, but she didn’t really feel like drinking that day.

Still, she decided to take a shot since the glasses were sitting on the table.

However, the drink contained more than she had been expecting, and it took her two sips to finish it off while her date guzzled it down easily.

But on her second sip, she spit the drink back out into her hand while her date looked on in horror. What made it worse was that a little bit of the contents from the first sip had also come back up, leaving behind a gross residue on her hand.

Looking back, she realized she probably should’ve waited before taking a second drink.

He immediately asked for the check, and they quickly left and ordered a ride. Once they got into the car, she messaged her best friend, who also happened to be her date’s best friend, divulging the details of what went down on the date.

Guindilla y Pimienta – illustrative purposes only

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