She Went On A Date With A Guy Who Exchanged His Contact Information With Another Girl While They Were Still On The Date

While she was in the restroom, she met a girl who complimented her on her makeup, and they dove into a conversation about what techniques and products she used.

She thought that would be the end of their interaction. But later, as she was sitting with her date, the same girl approached them and asked if they were a couple.

She told the girl they were just friends because they were still getting to know each other, and she didn’t know where they stood romantically.

She started to get the feeling that this girl had been eyeing her from the very beginning because she was attracted to her date.

The girl also asked for her date’s name and kept gushing over his name, telling him how much she loved it.

Eventually, she started chatting with another girl since the first girl continued conversing with her date.

Then, she saw him discreetly sliding his phone over to her to exchange contact information.

She was shocked because this girl had acted like she wanted to be her friend, but the entire time, she just wanted to steal her man.

After the whole situation happened and the girl had left, she looked at her date and questioned if he had given her his phone number.

He told her he did, but that it was just for work purposes.

She felt that since they had been on a romantic date, he should’ve respected that instead of giving away his personal details to someone else. She noted that it would’ve been a different story had he met the girl elsewhere.

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