She Wishes Her Boyfriend Talked Less About Himself And Left More Space For Her To Socialize In Conversations, But She’s Not Sure If She Should Ask Him To Reel It In

This is particularly frustrating for her because, right now, they both work from home. Not to mention, since they have a baby, her boyfriend is practically the only adult she gets to see on a regular basis, aside from her family.

“So, when we go somewhere, or someone is visiting, I just want to be able to socialize, too,” she vented.

That’s why she is actually considering asking her boyfriend to “back down” a bit in order to give herself and others some more room to join the conversation.

However, she realizes that other people don’t seem to mind her boyfriend’s habit too much. So, she isn’t sure whether asking her boyfriend to reel it in would be a jerky thing to do or not.

Have you ever dated someone who only ever talked about themselves? Can you understand how they might get exhausting, even if you love them? How should she approach this situation? What would you do? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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