She Won A Trip, And Although She Invited Her Best Friend To Come Too, She Wants To Uninvite Her For How She’s Acting

Kittiphan - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman lucked out and won a contest hosted by a brand.

The prize was a trip for themself and a guest, and airfare, accommodations, and event tickets put on by the brand were all included.

She told their best friend they’d won this contest and, without thinking, invited them as her guest on the trip.

“Now, I am regretting it and would rather bring one of my other close friends whose energy I feel I would appreciate more while on this trip. Reasons for my mind changing? For one, and for background, I sometimes feel shady energy from my best friend that just makes me feel like they aren’t genuine. They may say ‘jokes’ about me with shade in them and talk down to me,” she said.

Apparently, they’re not the only one who’s noticed this behavior. Over the years, multiple people have raised their concerns about her best friend’s comments towards others.

In the past, she’s tried to brush their friend’s “jokes” aside because she felt like since they’d known each other for such a long time, there were more positive aspects to the friendship.

“For two, when I told my best friend the news, they immediately (no congratulations or anything) began going on about how I need to put myself out there, tell the brand I’m an influencer, and that I want to partner with them. I told them I was not an influencer, and I wanted to let the trip flow without being thirsty, as I would be meeting with the brand, and if a relationship happens, it happens. I just want to enjoy myself and bask in this, as I’ve never been blessed like this with a paid trip,” she explained.

The following day, their discussion about the upcoming trip continued. Her best friend had been saying to their family members, “‘I’m going on my first brand trip.'” Her friend scolded them for not taking the opportunity to try to become an influencer and then said that they were going to take that opportunity.

Then, her friend went on to gush about how they wanted to make a TikTok video of their trip, captioning the video, “‘My first brand trip.'”

Kittiphan – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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