She’s A Wedding Photographer Who Had To Cancel On A Bride The Night Before Her Wedding

Then, Shayla went above and beyond to check in on this bride and ensure everything was okay.

She sent her a text and a $5 Starbucks gift card, telling her she knew she must be dealing with a lot and wanted to treat her to a cup of coffee. Then, she asked the bride to try and fill out the questionnaire as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, the bride never responded. Days passed with no word from the bride, and Shayla became concerned. She had no idea where she’d be going for the wedding or what to expect. She sent a bunch of texts and emails and even tried to call the bride. She got nothing. It was like this bride had ghosted her.

Finally, the night before the silent bride’s wedding, Shayla sent her an email and explained that their contract was void and she would not be working as her wedding photographer because she had no information.

Then, the bride responded on the day of her wedding.

“She told me that was the most unprofessional thing she has ever witnessed,” Shayla says.

“She proceeded to write a bad review on Facebook, and I went ahead and gave her her deposit back.”

Can you imagine how frustrating that must’ve been? Props to you, Shayla, for hanging in there!


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