She’s Considering Cutting Off Her Childhood Friend Because He Keeps Hitting On Her Even Though He Has A Girlfriend

Look! - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman has known one of her guy friends for a really long time– 10 years, to be exact. And they have always gotten along very well.

“He may have made some flirty remarks in the past, but I brushed it off, as he does this with other people, too,” she recalled.

However, her friend has now been dating his girlfriend for about one and a half years. Yet, he keeps badmouthing his girlfriend and calling her “ditzy” behind her back.

Not to mention, over the summer, her friend kept hitting on her really hard. It even got so bad that she started to become seriously uncomfortable.

“I did not appreciate him [badmouthing] his girlfriend behind her back and basically emotionally cheating on her,” she explained.

“I believe hitting on other women is cheating.”

On top of that, she was offended that her friend ever thought she was the type of person who would reciprocate and participate in an affair.

After all, she’s never expressed having any feelings for her friend, and she claimed that she never will.

“It makes me believe that he has no regard for anyone’s wellbeing except for his own gratifications,” she admitted.

Look! – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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