She’s Dating The Guy Her Best Friend Had A Crush On Years Ago, And When Her Best Friend Found Out, She Called Her Terrible Names

Drobot Dean - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

For nearly five years, this 18-year-old girl and her friend M, 19, have been close friends.

Three years ago, M met a guy, P, and she immediately became infatuated with him.

“She was absolutely smitten. Maybe even obsessed,” she said.

From the moment M met P, 19, he was the only thing M wanted to talk about, and she would get upset if he didn’t text her back right away.

Since she’s always been the type of person who wanted to make everyone else around her happy, she listened when M ranted about P not responding to her messages, and she provided her thoughts when M asked her for insight.

On one occasion, when she was hanging out at M’s place, M asked if it was okay if she called P. She told her that it was fine, so M called him, and they were on the phone for a bit.

“A few minutes in, P noticed someone else, me, was there and included me in the call, and we all started talking. It was rather nice. After that call, P asked M if she could give me his socials. Begrudgingly, she did, and kind of threatened me not to start anything with him,” she explained.

Not long after that, she and P started talking on a regular basis and got along well from the very beginning. It turned out that they had a lot of the same interests, and they’d spent hours talking every day. However, she made sure to keep the relationship with P completely platonic since M requested her to do so, and she didn’t want to upset M or damage their friendship.

Several months later, school started up again, and they were all understandably busy studying. P stopped communicating with both her and M. Leading up to P distancing himself, M tried to keep the conversation going, but one day, P told her that he only liked her as a friend. M makes it quite clear when she has feelings for someone, so P could tell that she liked him.

Drobot Dean – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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