She’s Felt Continuously Disrespected By Her Future In-Laws Ever Since Moving In With Her Fiancé, So She Cancelled The Bridal Shower They Were Planning For Her

Aliaksei Lasevich - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman moved to another state and left behind her good job just to be with her fiancé. First, they bought a house together, and her fiancé lived in it by himself for a month. Then, she moved in with him to start their new life together.

But, she is not close to anyone in her new state, and she has been planning her wedding completely by herself because her fiancé works 13-hour days.

“I am constantly in a state of tears from the stress,” she said.

Not to mention, her in-laws have been really getting under her skin and being disrespectful ever since she relocated, too.

First, her fiancé’s mother set up her entire house without cleaning anything first– even though she explicitly asked her soon-to-be mother-in-law not to do anything.

Then, her fiancé’s aunt harvested her entire garden way too early after she asked the woman not to even go near her crops.

On top of that, her fiancé’s mom also killed all of her plants just because the woman “felt like watering them.” She never even asked her fiancé’s mom to help out with that.

So, just last night, one more incident with her fiancé’s “aunt” totally pushed her over the edge.

For context, the woman is not actually an aunt. She is just her mother-in-law’s best friend who has “latched on” to her fiancé’s family for decades.

Aliaksei Lasevich – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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