She’s Frustrated By How Insecure Her Boyfriend Is Because He Keeps Trying To Control Her

Now, she claimed that her boyfriend is not otherwise mean unless they’re in an argument. Apparently, he always buys her thoughtful gifts and introduces her to important people in his life.

Her boyfriend also is not an only child, either. Instead, he grew up with three older sisters– which is why she thought that he would have learned to be more respectful.

“But during arguments, he completely denies that he wants anything to do with me,” she vented.

So, she is often left feeling pretty confused by her boyfriend’s strange requests and behavior. She’s also just fed up with how insecure he is, but she’s not sure whether being annoyed by his insecurities makes her the jerk.

Would you be able to date someone like her boyfriend? Does it sound like they have a healthy relationship or not? Do you think she should stay with her boyfriend or consider moving on? What would you do?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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