She’s Refusing To Reimburse Her Ex After Their Daughter Had An Accident In The Car Because Their Daughter Is Supposed To Wear Pull-Ups Due To A Medical Condition, And Her Ex Didn’t Listen

Then, once they arrived, she took her daughter inside and got her settled before going back outside to talk to her ex.

At that point, he had the nerve to ask if she would split the cost of getting the car cleaned with him– because, apparently, it was a rental car.

“And I refused because this wouldn’t have been an issue if he had listened to me,” she recalled.

She and her ex wound up getting into an argument over this, too, but she eventually just went back inside to take care of her daughter.

Still, just a few days later, her ex sent her a Venmo request for half of the cleaning fee as well as half of the price of the amusement park tickets.

She just declined the request, but now her ex’s family won’t stop messaging her– claiming she needs to split the bill with her ex since it’s both of their kid who made the mess.

Plus, some of her own friends are even telling her to just send the money to her ex.

So now, she’s been left wondering whether refusing to split the bill with him really makes her a jerk or not.

Why do you think her ex just disregarded their daughter’s medical condition? Do you think she should be responsible for paying the price of his ignorance? Did she do the right thing by refusing to pay the bill?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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