She’s Sharing All The Things She Wishes She Knew Before Starting College

Next, don’t be afraid to switch majors if you don’t like the classes or it doesn’t seem to be a good fit for you. It’s normal to change your mind about your major after arriving at college.

According to a study from Ohio State University, 50 to 75 percent of undergraduate students change their majors at least once before earning a degree.

“It may [be inconvenient] having to change your major, but ultimately, you don’t want to spend four years doing something you hate. Change it!” advised Kyra.

She adds that the first two years of college can be reserved for having fun, but by the last two years, you should be getting your plans for the future figured out.

Finally, she discusses the topic of making good friends, which she claims to be the most important part of your entire college experience.

When she first started college, she had a difficult time adjusting to everything. She cried every day and always wanted to go home.

But now, she never wants to leave, and that’s all because she managed to surround herself with a good group of people.

In a follow-up video, Kyra continued sharing her tips. If you will be living in the dorms, do not bring your entire closet.

There won’t be much space for all your stuff, and you definitely won’t be wearing most of it anyway. Additionally, do not get a random roommate.

During her freshman year, Kyra was assigned to live with a girl she had never met before. When she looked through the girl’s social media account, she found incriminating posts that revealed her true character.

So, Kyra suggests that you should at least get to know your roommates before moving in with them.

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