She’s Talking About How Men Worry About Women They Date Turning Out To Be Gold Diggers, Even Though More And More Women Have Been Out-Earning Men

shymar27 - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A TikTok creator named Evie (@evmariexo) is talking about the fact that many men worry about the women they date turning out to be gold diggers, even though more and more women have been out-earning men.

Recently, she saw a video on TikTok responding to a guy who had left a comment about how men should treat all women like they’re gold diggers if women are going to act like all men could be dangerous.

She was inspired to make her video after a date she went on with a guy who cracked a joke about how going on dates with women he met online made him anxious because he didn’t know if they were after his money or not.

During the entire date, Evie just sat there and thought about how she probably brought home more money than he did based on their careers.

“Like I saw the car that you pulled up in, and I had no judgment about it at all–maybe it’s an economy car; it’s good on gas–until you said that thing about the gold diggers,” said Evie.

She went on to say that she had genuinely never met a woman who was a gold digger. Most of her female friends are married, and they work just as much as their male partners, if not more.

At some point, men must let go of the narrative that women are gold diggers because it doesn’t really fit with the workings of modern society. Today, women are more educated than ever, have the ability to purchase homes, and are just a lot better off in general than in comparison to the past.

Back then, women did not have choices. They were forced to rely on men to take care of them, so it made sense to try to seek out a man who made lots of money.

But in many cases nowadays, women are often the breadwinners, which makes men’s concerns about gold diggers totally baseless. Several TikTok users took to the comments section to add to the discussion.

shymar27 – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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