She’s The Woman Who Invented The Very First At-Home Pregnancy Test

Margaret’s pregnancy test was named “The Predictor” and was officially sold publicly beginning in 1977, ten years after she came up with the idea. The Predictor was advertised along with the slogan, “Every woman has the right to know whether or not she is pregnant.”

The Predictor had a ton of sales early on, and Margaret made a massive impact on women’s reproductive health. Her test gave women the right to find out about their pregnancy on their own terms and keep the results private for as long as they desired, although it did have a notice that urged women to contact a doctor if their test came up positive.

Despite inventing something that changed many people’s lives, Margaret was never compensated for her pregnancy tests. Although her name is on the device patents, Organon licensed it to three over-the-counter pharmaceutical companies, and she never received any money from it.

It wasn’t until 2012, when the New York Times did an in-depth piece on modern-day pregnancy tests, that Margaret began speaking out about her story and getting the recognition she deserves.
Thank you, Margaret, for your brilliant invention!

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