Size Does Matter: How To Choose The Perfect Rug For Every Room In Your Home

Dining Room: Where Comfort Meets Style

For your dining room, you’ll want a rug that extends at least 24 inches beyond each side of your table.

Why? Well, think about pulling your chair out—no one likes that awkward half-on, half-off rug situation when they’re trying to enjoy dinner.

Keep your guests comfy, and make sure all chair legs can remain on the rug even when pulled out.

Bedroom: A Soft Landing

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. So, you deserve to wake up and step onto something soft. In this case, the rug should be a sizable oasis that your feet can touch before you take on the world.

Here’s a quick tip: A rug that extends 18 to 24 inches beyond each side of the bed is ideal. Full or queen-sized beds can usually work well with 8×10 rugs, while king-sized beds may require a 9×12.

Home Office: Define Your Workspace

Working from home? A rug can help define your workspace, separating it from the rest of the room.

Measure your desk and make sure you allow for enough space for your chair to slide in and out comfortably.

A 5×8 rug is often a good starting point for smaller desks, but if you’ve got an executive behemoth, you might need to go bigger.

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