Someone Hung Up Posters In Her City of Her Crazy Ex, Outing Him As A Cheater And A Liar

mkalinichenko - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

A favorite topic of conversation on the internet and in person is stories about people’s crazy exes. Some individuals are just horrible partners and need to work on themselves before messing with others’ hearts.

No matter how long the relationship with a crazy ex might’ve lasted or when it took place, there’s always a juicy detail or two that gossipers will gobble up.

TikToker Madison (@itsmadisonshae) is now happily married to her husband, but before they met, she went on her fair share of bad dates.

In her video, she briefly discusses a relationship she was in when she was younger and how karma came back around to this guy.

When she was 22-years-old, she dated a guy she met at a bar. He didn’t have any social media, and none of Madison’s friends had ever seen or heard of him before.

The red flags were numerous, but she was young, and he was cute, so she dove into the relationship headfirst. He ended up being super manipulative and aggressive while they were together.

Recently, Madison’s sister sent her a text message. It was a picture of a poster with an image of a man printed on it.

Underneath the image, read the words “Lost dog” in bold lettering, along with a short description of the man.

“Stray and still roaming. Responds to Wallace or Jay. He’s feral, so be careful. Last seen at ex-girlfriend’s house. Seems sweet but not to be trusted. He will lie and cheat.”

mkalinichenko – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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