Striking Black Flowers That You Can Add To Your Garden For A Captivating Fall Display

Teresa Considine - illustrative purposes only

With summer winding down and fall decor finally hitting the shelves, you might feel inspired to revamp your garden with a bit of spookiness.

Of course, bright hues and pastels are gardening mainstays. But there’s just something so alluring and dramatic about incorporating things like black flowers into autumn landscapes.

From the towering elegance of black hollyhocks to the exotic charm of black orchids, these flowers are more than just a visual treat– they’re a statement.

So, let’s delve into how to care for these beautiful, dark gems and learn how they can transform your end-of-summer garden into something extraordinary.

Elegance Meets Mystery With Black Roses

Everyone loves a gorgeous red rose, but black roses undeniably add a unique treat.

No, they’re not truly black, but rather a deep crimson that appears almost black. Nonetheless, the dark-hued flowers are sure to add an air of mystery to your garden.

Plant them in well-drained soil and give them full sun to partial shade. Regular pruning will also help them maintain their distinctive appearance, and providing them with a rose-specific fertilizer will keep them healthy and vibrant.

Black Petunias Add A Striking Contrast

Teresa Considine – illustrative purposes only

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