The Brahan Seer Was Said To Be A Scottish Predictor of The Future In The 17th Century Who Was Gifted With The “Second Sight”

During the Highland Clearances, the Duke of Sutherland announced new land reforms that caused families to be driven from their homes so their land could be given to sheep to graze on.

Kenneth also spoke of the day when Scotland would have a Parliament once again when men could “walk dry-shod from England to France.” He was proven correct after the Channel Tunnel opened in 1994. A few years later, the first Scottish Parliament since 1707 was established.

By far, his most notorious prediction was one that cost him his life. His powers had come to the attention of Isabella, the wife of the Earl of Seaforth. While her husband was visiting Paris, she called for Kenneth to give him news of her husband.

The seer merely told her that the Earl was in good health and refused to supply further information. Enraged, Isabella threatened to have him killed and demanded that he tell her everything he knew.

So, Kenneth informed her that her husband was with another woman who was much more beautiful than her. He also revealed that the Seaforth bloodline would come to an end, with the last heir being “deaf and dumb.” The last heir would have four children who died prematurely.

Isabella flew into a rage. She had the prophet taken into custody and thrown into a barrel of boiling tar.  In 1783, Francis Humberston Mackenzie became deaf and dumb due to an attack of scarlet fever in childhood. He ended up having four children who passed early on in their lives, fulfilling the seer’s final prophecy.

Today, the Brahan Seer’s predictions are still remembered in the areas of Scotland where he had lived. The tales of his visions have been passed down through generations, and locals continue to take his word seriously.

For instance, in the small town of Strathpeffer, Ross-shire, there stands the Eagle Stone. The seer stated that if the stone fell three times, the nearby loch would flood the valley below. So far, the stone has fallen twice and is now held in place by concrete.

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