The Popularity of Pearls Has Withstood The Test of Time, And They Actually Have Quite A Long History

Unlike most other gemstones, pearls are produced from a living organism, which makes their existence a phenomenon. The Natural History Museum explains that pearls are formed by marine oysters and freshwater mussels when an irritant, such as a parasite or a fragment of shell, becomes lodged in their soft, fragile bodies.

As a result, the oyster or mussel will secrete substances that build up in layers around the irritant until a pearl is created. Cultured pearls are made in the same way, except they are cultivated in farms where humans will deliberately implant an irritant in the oyster.

Kokichi Mikimoto, the son of a Japanese noodle maker, is credited for creating the world’s first cultured pearl in 1893. When cultured pearls were introduced into the market, they permanently transformed the pearl industry. Now, pearls are available to everyone in the world!

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