These Are A Few Tips To Keep In Mind So You Can Grow A Healthy Peace Lily In Your Home Or Office

Mandrixta - illustrative purposes only

Peace Lillies are the quintessential houseplant for those of us who don’t exactly have a green thumb.

Known for its air-purifying qualities and charming white blooms, it’s often the go-to for offices, apartments, and, well, just about anywhere.

Plus, it’s about as low maintenance as they come, which is fantastic news for busy folks or those of us who tend to forget our botanical responsibilities now and then.

Still, there are certain steps you should take to care for your Peace Lily properly and ensure its longevity.

Picking The Perfect Spot

If you’ve decided to bring a Peace Lily into your life, you’ve made an excellent choice. But, the first question is where should you put it?

These blooms love bright, indirect light, but they’re not too fussy. In fact, they’ll also tolerate lower light conditions, although that might mean fewer of those lovely flowers.

Just be sure to keep them out of direct sunlight unless you want a sad, sunburned Peace Lily. Yes, plants can get sunburned too.

Watering Woes

Mandrixta – illustrative purposes only

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