These Are All The Reasons Why You May Be Waking Up With A Puffy Face So You Can Do Your Best To Avoid It Or Not Freak Out The Next Time It Happens

Sleeping on your side at night can cause all the fluid and pressure in your face to fall to one side. Additionally, you can build up water retention as you sleep, making things even puffier.

Some dermatologists recommend sleeping on your back with your head elevated by extra pillows. Not only will it help save you from building pressure in your face, but it will lessen the appearance of wrinkles.

If you wake up with a puffy face, it’s not the end of the world. You can wash your face in cold water and place an ice pack over your eyes for a few minutes to ease things up and help the inflammation. If you do find yourself waking up looking swollen, keep these reasons in mind and consider making a few simple changes!

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