This Bride Made Her Own Wedding Cake, And She Put The Finishing Touches On It Right Before She Walked Down The Aisle

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It’s no secret that weddings are expensive. Per an annual study done by The Knot, the cost of the average wedding last year reached $30,000 due to inflation.

As a result, many couples are looking for ways to cut down on costs while still being able to throw a fabulous celebratory event that will wow guests.

One way that this bride decided to save a bit of money for her wedding was by making her own cake, which has sparked quite a debate online.

Adrianna Thomas (@thomasadrianna) is a bridal hairstylist, and she shared a clip on TikTok of a bride named Lilly Kinman assembling her own wedding cake on her big day. In the United States, the average cost of a wedding cake is around $500.

Lilly is a pastry chef, and in the video, she can be seen wearing a white robe with a full face of makeup and perfectly curled hair as she finished putting together her cake right before she had to walk down the aisle.

With the help of a few bridesmaids, she carefully stacked her cake and applied the finishing touches. According to the caption, Lilly managed not to get a single crumb on her robe!

The cake consisted of four layers and was covered with white and blue icing. Adrianna also captured footage of the cake after it was completely decorated. A wreath of blue flowers was draped around the dessert, and the layers were separated by a glass dish with a floral arrangement encased inside it.

Many TikTok users were impressed with how the cake turned out and applauded her skills, while others weren’t the biggest fans of the dessert, citing it to be somewhat messy-looking.

“I’m a professional cake decorator, and I think this cake has perfect sharp edges, the abstract buttercream with swirl texture is beautiful,” commented one user.

artem – illustrative purposes only

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