Transitional Home Decor Is All About Balance As Well As Timelessness, And You’ll Want To Keep The Embellishments To A Minimum

A transitional kitchen should be minimalistic but grounded by antique and vintage characteristics. Opt for classic wood floors, sleek cabinets, light-colored marble counters, and neutral wall colors. Gray and white are popular for transitional kitchens.

You can even add pops of subtle color like blue, or if you want to go bolder, deep green. Balance out the bright color with glass-front cabinets and a neutral-toned marble backsplash.

For the bathroom, take cues from the kitchen. Put together a light, streamlined look consisting of similarly sleek cabinets, stone tiles, and a glass shower or a claw-foot tub.

Ultimately, the traditional and contemporary elements of transitional style play off each other, creating a soothing atmosphere and adding a polished charm to your home.

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