Two Months After Going On A Date With A Guy, He Asked Her To Pay Him For Half of Their First Date, Since Things Between Them Never Went Anywhere

alonesdj - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman met a guy on a dating app a couple of months ago, and she went out on a first date with him in July.

They met up at a restaurant, had a delicious meal, and wound up talking for three entire hours.

When their date was coming to an end, and the check came, he paid for her food, and she offered to pay for their next date.

“We said our goodbyes, and after an incredibly awkward kiss goodbye, we parted ways,” she explained.

“After the date, when we got home, he sent a voice message saying he had a great time and had some ideas for our next date. I was like great, this is awesome I can’t wait to do it sounds mint.”

“The next week, we messaged/Snapchatted daily, and we’re planning on doing the next date the week after. Until I had a work commitment come up and had to cancel the week of.”

In the weeks that followed her canceling their second date, she got overwhelmingly busy with college assignments.

She also had to pick up additional shifts at work to fund some repairs that her car needed. Because she had so much on her plate, she wasn’t messaging this guy as much as she had been before.

He eventually questioned her if she was still interested, and he also wanted to know why she had been a bit distant.

alonesdj – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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