While Having A Postpartum Episode, His Wife Said She Never Loved Him

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This 28-year-old man has a wife the same age as him, and they have been together for seven years but married for two.

Not too long ago, they also welcomed their first child together, and suddenly, his wife began showing symptoms of postpartum depression.

His wife’s symptoms got so terrible that she had to be placed on an involuntary hold and hospitalized.

A week ago, things were pretty chaotic, and their baby would not quit crying, which made his wife get pretty overwhelmed.

“I tried to take the baby from her, and she began accusing me of not thinking she was capable and how I thought I had to save her, then she went on to say how she never loved me, she really didn’t, and how her mother said I was a hardworking, loving man, and she needed to marry a man like me, and now she’s stuck with this baby,” he explained.

“I was obviously heartbroken, but then two days later she tried to seriously harm herself. I know this sounds selfish, but I can’t stop thinking about what she said.”

“My mom said she didn’t mean it, and postpartum does a lot to a person, but I just can’t stop thinking.”

He’s so concerned that his wife was being honest and that he is trapped in a loveless marriage with her.

He previously thought their marriage was wonderful, especially since he and his wife make the effort to still go out on dates together.

WavebreakMediaMicro – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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