Your Search For The Perfect Fall DIY Is Over Because These Cheesecloth Ghosts Are Simple, Budget-Friendly, And Downright Adorable

detry26 - illustrative purposes only

One of my favorite childhood memories is when my mom would start decorating for Halloween in the fall.

She was always really inventive and made some of the decorations herself, which always looked great on our front lawn.

She used to make little ghosts out of cheesecloth or white plastic bags to hang all over the tree in front of our house.

There are many ways to make your own little ghost decorations, but a cheesecloth ghost will always be a classic.

Thankfully, TikTok creator Elania (@lifewithlainee) has given a step-by-step tutorial on how she makes precious little ghosts out of cheesecloth and mason jars!

First, Elania takes a mason jar and removes the lid. She grabs one orange pipe cleaner, cuts it in half, and then bends each half onto the rim of the mason jar on either side to make arms. Elania then secures the pipe cleaners in place by putting on the outer lid of the mason jar.

Next, Elania grabs a very small, inflated orange balloon and rests it in the center of the mason jar lid with the top sticking out to make a head for her ghost. Then, she grabs a roll of cheesecloth and measures out two sheets long enough to fully cover the jar.

Elania then soaks the pieces of cheesecloth in a bowl of liquid starch, using the Purex Sta-Flo brand. Then she wrings out the cheesecloth and sets it aside.

Elania then places her little mason jar ghost body on a lined cookie sheet to prevent a mess. She drapes her cheesecloth over the mason jar until it resembles a tiny ghost. She then lets it sit out to dry until the liquid starch hardens and the cheesecloth stays in place.

detry26 – illustrative purposes only

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