He Allowed His Mom To Visit His Newborn At The Hospital Even Though His Wife Asked Him Not To, And Now She’s Furious That His Mom Got To Meet Their Daughter Before Her Own Mom

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This 23-year-old guy and his wife, who is 25, just tied the knot last year. And only about a week ago, they became parents to a new baby girl.

Growing up, his wife came from a single-parent family and was raised by her mother alone without any siblings. His wife and her mom are still very close to this day, and he gets along well with his mother-in-law, too.

However, he comes from a much bigger family than his wife– with five siblings and both of his parents in the picture.

“My mother absolutely adores children and loves having them around. Every grandchild she has, she treats like her own,” he said.

His wife and mother, though, do not have the best relationship. Sure, they are respectful of each other, but they just aren’t very close.

So, when his wife was pregnant, she made it known that she didn’t want his mother to visit them in the hospital. He understood that, too, given how excited his mom was about the baby.

“I thought it was fair since my wife was the one going through the hard work, and I was there to support her, not make demands,” he reasoned.

However, things did get a bit complicated once his wife’s delivery took a turn.

Apparently, her delivery was extremely painful and had multiple complications– lasting for over 40 hours! So, his wife was obviously exhausted after having their daughter, and she was given some medication to help her get some rest.

Monkey Business – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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