He Left His Wife To Cook Alone For Seven Hours For Their Dinner Party Just To Prove A Point, And Now She’s Furious At Him Because The Food Turned Out Terrible

Included on the menu for the appetizers were bread made from scratch, four different dips (roasted bell pepper, cream and mushroom, sour cream and caramelized onions, and roasted eggplant), and two whole platters of cured meats and sausages.

“For the main course, there was lasagna and chicken skewers with an Indian marinate, with two salads (green salad and cabbage and carrots). For dessert, there was a New York cheesecake and a lemon tart with Swiss meringue,” he explained.

Since one of the husbands is lactose intolerant, he made sure to have two options available to accommodate him.

According to his wife, if they only provided one option, they would have appeared “cheap.”

After he finished jotting down the menu and cooking schedule, he called his parents and requested for them to pretend that they had an emergency.

“Two days ago, they called and said that a pipe burst and wanted my help. Since my wife is competent and can do everything by herself, I took the kids with me to fix the pipe and let her cook. I spent the day resting while pretending to fix the pipe, and my parents were playing with the kids,” he shared.

He and their children came home an hour and a half before the dinner so that they could all shower and be ready for the guests to arrive.

As he predicted, his wife didn’t do a great job cooking the meal. All of the food was raw, burnt to a crisp, or both.

He assumed that his wife’s work friends had to go to McDonald’s afterward because there were a ton of leftovers.

After the dinner party, his wife blamed him for leaving her to cook all by herself. She said it wasn’t fair since he’s the one who knows how to cook, and she isn’t good at it, which is much different than what she’s said in the past.

She said that this was all his fault, and while she doesn’t know that he made up a reason to leave the house for the day so that she was forced to do the cooking, he doesn’t think he’ll ever come clean.

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