Her Friend Claimed To Have Lost Her Mother’s Wedding Dress While Storing It At Their House, So She Looked For The Gown While She Happened To Be House-Sitting And Thankfully Found It, But Her Friend Was Furious That She Rummaged Through Their Things

mirage_studio - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Have you ever let someone borrow a piece of clothing from you and never got it back because they claimed they lost it, gave it back to you, or never had it in the first place? Can you imagine how you’d feel if that piece of clothing was your wedding dress?

One woman recently got scolded by her friend after searching her closet for her wedding dress, which she asked her to temporarily keep in her home while hers was getting renovated.

Two years ago, she and her husband began renovations on their home. She still had her mother’s wedding dress, which she had worn at her own wedding. Because she didn’t want to risk ruining it, she didn’t want it in her home during the renovations. 

A friend of hers offered to keep the dress at her house until the renovations were finished, and she accepted. 

However, they ran into a bit of a problem.

“After we finished the renovations, I asked my friend for the dress back,” she recalled.

“She kept saying she’d get back to me. I kept asking, and she’d make up excuses. I found it weird. Now, my sister is getting married, and she wanted to wear the dress. This was our mother’s dress, and we always agreed we’d each wear it. I told my friend I need it back. She claimed she couldn’t find it.”

She found this very odd, as she didn’t understand how a dress could simply “walk away.” She was very upset, and her friend offered to pay her for the dress in return. She turned down the money, as the dress had more sentimental value than anything else. 

Not long after this incident, the same friend who had lost her dress asked her to house-sit for her while she was away with her husband.

mirage_studio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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