He’s Not Allowing His Daughter To Wear His Late Wife’s Wedding Dress, Since She’s Too Big To Fit In It And Would Have To Cut It Up

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This man’s wife sadly passed away two years ago, so she obviously will not be able to attend their daughter’s wedding, which will be happening in 2025.

Back when he and his late wife got married, she weighed 115, and she was always a very petite woman. His late wife’s wedding dress is quite tiny since his late wife was tiny too.

His daughter has asked him to give her his late wife’s wedding dress so she can wear it on her wedding day, but he mentioned it wasn’t a great idea, as she will not be able to squeeze into the dress.

He’s not sure how much his daughter weighs, but she is on the overweight side, and he knows it’s not possible for her to wear his late wife’s wedding dress the way that it is.

“She told me she can just up the size of it, and I told her I would think about it,” he explained. “I looked into it, and they basically cut the dress up to size it up.”

As soon as he learned about that, he told his daughter that she could not wear the dress, as he does not want it to be cut up at all.

Well, his daughter did not take his answer, and they got into an enormous fight about how she thinks he’s playing gatekeeper to his wife’s possessions.

He still told his daughter no to wearing his late wife’s dress, and as a compromise, he would allow her to wear some of his late wife’s jewelry instead.

His daughter hung up the phone on him, and she thinks he’s a terrible person for denying her the dress.

ivkate – – illustrative purposes only

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