His Girlfriend Dressed Up In A Skimpy Outfit For His Birthday, But He Claimed That Didn’t Count As A Real Present, And She’s Been Mad At Him Ever Since

Victoria Chudinova - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 28-year-old guy has been dating his girlfriend, who is 30, for just under two years, and about three months ago, they moved in together.

Just yesterday, it also happened to be his birthday. But, according to him, neither he nor his girlfriend are big gift lovers.

Instead, they usually prefer something more experience-based, like getting tickets to a sporting event or a concert for their birthdays and Christmas.

“But we usually give some type of material gift as well,” he noted.

Anyway, he celebrated his birthday with his girlfriend, and they first went out to eat together. Then, they headed back to their house, and his girlfriend told him to wait outside until she “called him in” to present him with his gift.

He followed her directions, too, and only went inside when his girlfriend told him to. And once he eventually went in, he realized that his girlfriend was wearing a special new skimpy outfit.

Now, he clarified that he has never understood the point of women dressing up like that just to get physical.

“But clearly, she was happy, so I just rolled with it,” he recalled.

He and his girlfriend “hooked up and everything,” too. However, he was still expecting his real birthday gift.

Victoria Chudinova – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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