His Sister Thought It Would Be “Funny” To Get His Best Friend A Comb For His Birthday, Even Though His Best Friend Is Undergoing Chemotherapy For Leukemia

Jose Calsina - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 18-year-old man’s sister, 17, is deeply in love with his best friend, 18.

Yesterday was his best friend’s birthday.

His sister wanted to buy a gift for his friend, and she apparently came up with a plan to get him a “‘funny present'” because she wanted to display her humorous side. She hoped that this would make his friend like her because she was hoping to be brave and ask him out sometime soon.

“She got him a comb, which she thought he’d find funny after his hair loss (leukemia patient going through chemotherapy),” he said.

He didn’t know that this was her idea until after she’d given his friend the comb.

Obviously, his friend didn’t find the comb the least bit humorous. While his friend didn’t break down in tears over it, he was clearly hurt and offended, understandably so.

Since this morning, his friend hasn’t spoken to his sister and won’t respond to her texts or answer the phone when she’s tried repeatedly calling him.

Now, his sister is panicking and doesn’t know what to do.

After he found out, he stopped talking to his sister last night, and his mother was upset about it.

Jose Calsina – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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