In Case You Needed A Reason To Love Cinnamon Rolls Even More, This Easy Hack Helps You Shape The Sweet Treats Into Adorable Pumpkins

Once they are done baking, remove the twine and drizzle icing on top of the rolls. The final step is breaking some cinnamon sticks into short pieces and pressing them into the tops of the rolls to act as pumpkin stems.

Cinnamon rolls are at their best when they’re fresh out of the oven, so enjoy them right away while they’re still warm!


Pumpkin shaped cinnamon rolls ?? the EASIEST fall inspired recipe you’ll ever make & I’m excited to make them together for Day 5 of our fall kickoff! ? All you need is store bought cinnamon rolls (bonus points if you use the pumpkin spice rolls ?), cinnamon sticks and bakers twine to create the pumpkin shape! To make the pumpkin shape, cut pieces of bakers twine and tie them around the pastry to make your pumpkin lines. Make sure the knotted side is the bottom of the pumpkin. Follow the baking instructions on your cinnamon roll package and once they are cooling, add your cinnamon sticks to make the stem! I saw @kelsey_thefarmersdaughter do this for her homemade cinnamon roll recipe and thought it was genius! #fallrecipe #easyfallrecipes #fall2023

? All My Love – Noah Kahan

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