Rescuing Ringo: The Heartfelt Story Of A Dog From Italy That Was Adopted By A Vacationing Couple After He Was Left Abandoned And Found Locked In A Cage

David - illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

Every day, thousands of kind-hearted people step up to care for animals in need. A couple from Canada is among one of those people, and they shared the story of how they came to rescue their dog, Ringo.

According to a TikTok video uploaded by @iamchrisjames, Chris and Tatyana traveled to Italy for a vacation in September of 2022. While visiting a small town, they noticed a dog locked in a cage.

At the time, they were unable to provide a home for the dog themselves because they had recently rescued three kittens they found on the side of the road and were due to head back to Canada. So, the couple informed a local animal rescue organization about the situation.

A year later, they returned to the same location and discovered that the dog was still in the cage. They visited him daily to provide him with food and water and tried to find the dog’s owners.

When they reached out to the police, they were told that there was nothing authorities could do because the dog had most likely been abandoned.

Days later, they finally managed to get him out of the cage. In the video, the dog appeared malnourished, and his fur was dirty and unkempt from sleeping in his own waste.

The couple brought him straight to the vet, where they ran blood tests and examined the dog for a microchip, which he didn’t have. After the vet, they went to a dog groomer, and he was able to have his first bath.

The rest of the video documented the dog, who they named Ringo, having the time of his life going on adventures with them. Ringo transformed from an underfed, neglected animal to a happy, healthy dog with a brushed and clean coat. In the video, he can be seen sniffing the ground on a beach, sticking his head out of a car window, and listening to a guitar being played.

Chris and Tatyana took him all over Italy, showing him as many places as possible. When their vacation was over, they brought him back to Canada with them after completing all the necessary paperwork.

David – illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

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