She Doesn’t Want Her Mother-In-Law To Attend Her Baby Shower Because Her Mother-In-Law Has A Friend Who Can’t Get Pregnant And Accused Her “Bad Vibes” Of Being The Reason

Photo 159931713 - © Svetlanaz - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Sadly, this 25-year-old’s mother-in-law, 46, has struggled a lot throughout her life.

Growing up and during her marriage, she dealt with a lot of hurdles that she persevered through. Because of this, she is closer to her friends than her own family.

Due to this, her mother-in-law prioritized her friends over her children.

When one of her mother-in-law’s friends needed somewhere to stay for a period of what ended up being more than three months, she forced her children to sleep somewhere else so that her friend could have their bedroom.

A week before her mother-in-law’s daughter’s extravagant wedding, she invited friends without asking her daughter if it was okay. Some of the friends she invited without approval attended the wedding, ate the food that was provided, and had free drinks.

Not long ago, one of her mother-in-law’s friends, Maria, developed a close bond with the family.

“She does everything with her, and Maria comes to every family event. Last year, Maria decided she wanted to have children before it was too late. My mother-in-law decided to help her with her IVF journey. I’m pretty sure she helped fund it, along with attending all the appointments. The potential baby became all they would talk about. They asked us to constantly send prayers, asked my sister-in-law and her husband if they wanted to be godparents, talked about baby names, and how they really wanted a boy,” she said.

The constant talk of Maria’s IVF bothered her husband and all of his siblings, and eventually, they detested her doing IVF.

When Maria tried IVF the first time, it didn’t work, and while she was heartbroken, she was hopeful for positive results on another try.

Photo 159931713 – © Svetlanaz – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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