She Recently Started Her First Office Job, But She’s Feeling Excluded And Is Seriously Struggling To Form Friendships With Her Coworkers

Photo 60220211 © Nenitorx - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When you start working your first office job after graduating college, it can be either really difficult or really easy to make friends with your coworkers.

After graduating, one young woman recently started working an office job and is struggling to get friendly with her colleagues. 

She’s 23 years old and got this job three months ago. She works closely with three to four people each workday since they get split up into divisions and teams. 

When she first started working there, one of her teammates was assigned to show her around and become her ‘buddy’ as she acclimated to their work environment.

“At first, I was happy to have her around because we were similar in age and came from the same faculty in undergraduate studies, so I thought we had quite a bit in common,” she said.

“The other colleagues on my team have been great and friendly as well, but due to the similar age, I do find myself opening up more easily to [her].”

However, that relationship was disrupted when another girl joined their team, who just so happened to be a longtime friend of her buddy’s. She’s been trying her best to make friends with both of them, inviting them out to lunches and chatting with them, but in the end, she can’t help but feel left out because of their long history.

Her two coworkers don’t include her in their lunch plans, and she’s disappointed that they haven’t thought to include her. Then, a recent event that happened in the office made her feel even more awkward.

“We happened to sit in the same office area to discuss an upcoming team activity that we were in charge of planning, and they were excitedly discussing a fun company event that they were planning to go to together, and I just sat there awkwardly, listening,” she recalled.

Photo 60220211 © Nenitorx – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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