She Told Her Fiancé’s Family That They Can’t Bring An Aid For Their Special Needs Daughter To Her Wedding As A Plus-One

Tinashe Njaku/ - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

When you’re hosting a wedding, sometimes, allowing guests to bring plus-ones is out of your budget. But what would you do if your guest needed a plus-one for medical reasons?

One woman recently got into some drama with her future husband’s family after she told them they couldn’t bring a carer or aid as their special needs daughter’s plus-one to her wedding.

She and her fiancé are getting married next year and recently sent out their invitations. 

They’re getting married in a very small venue that has a strict policy and limit for the number of guests they can have. So after inviting all their essential friends and family and booking photographers and their officiant, who count as guests, she and her fiancé realized they couldn’t allow guests to bring plus-ones.

So far, almost every single one of their guests has committed to the wedding, minus a few holdouts, which include her fiancé’s family.

“The holdouts are my fiancé’s immediate family, who are demanding a plus-one for his stepsister, Alice,” she explained.

“They want a carer to come with her for the day. She’s wheelchair-bound and has some minor learning difficulties but is generally very independent. Now, my fiancé didn’t make me aware that a plus-one would be necessary for her, and every family event I’ve been to, including my father-in-law and step-mother-in-law’s own wedding, Alice did not have a carer.”

When she and her fiancé asked if Alice suddenly had a new issue or needed assistance for something specific, his family said no, just that she gets tired easily and may need someone to take her home early if needed.

“My suspicion is that the family wants to have someone else be responsible for her so they can get drunk, but I can’t prove this,” she explained.

Tinashe Njaku/ – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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