She Wants Her Fiancé To Uninvite His Friend Of 20 Years From Their Wedding Because It’s The Only Way Her Best Friend, Who Is His Friend’s Ex, Will Attend The Big Day

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Have you ever had two really close friends that don’t get along? When it comes to figuring out what to invite them to, things can get really difficult.

One woman is unsure of what to do after finding out her good friend, who is the ex of her husband’s good friend, won’t attend her wedding if her ex is there.

She’s 24 and is getting married to her 26-year-old fiancé Drew next October. Unfortunately, they’ve found themselves in an uncomfortable situation.

Drew has a longtime friend his age named James. They’ve known each other since they were only five, and although they began drifting apart in their early 20s, they still considered each other friends.

A few years ago, she met James’ wife, Stacey, with whom he has two kids. She and Stacey formed a close relationship and have been good friends since.

When she got to know Stacey, she learned that James wasn’t such a great guy after all. She quickly learned that James was verbally and mentally abusive towards Stacey, to the point where she had to convince her to leave him.

Eventually, James and Stacey finalized a nasty divorce, and James continued to treat her poorly. He also got a new girlfriend not long after the divorce. 

Through it all, she’s been supportive of Stacey, and since around four years have passed, Stacey’s entered a new relationship and had another baby.

Oddly, despite everything they know about James, Drew still considers him a friend. Drew has done his best to separate himself from the situation and believes that what happened between James and Stacey is none of their business.

Photo 99958881 © Wavebreakmedia Ltd – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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